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Legend has it that there are ancient lands in the Ethlas Metaverse that have been blessed by God Komos with abundant resources and treasures, only extractable by beings with extremely strong elemental affinities.

How does questing work?

The launch of Komo Quests marks a milestone in granting utility for Komo holders and ensuring that Komos are central to the Ethlas Metaverse. There are four types of quests — Fishing, Gathering, Hunting, and Farming.

Each quest has its own elemental alignment, and only Komos with a particular element would be able to embark on a specific quest type. Although energy is currently not required to embark on quests, each quest will take 6 hours to complete.

Your Komo would be locked within the quest contract for the duration of the quest, and once your Komo embarks on a quest, there is no way to end the quest early other than waiting out the 6 hours. This means that as more utility is released for Komos (e.g. Komo Klash), Komos would not be able to double dip into mutually exclusive Komo utilities, and strategy is key in maximizing returns from your Komo.

Elemental Affinities for Komo Questing

Economics of Komo Quests

To embark on quests, users would have to pay a fee in XGEMs for equipment rental (e.g. bow and arrows enable Komos to embark on hunting quests). This is done to encourage XGEM to be used as a token of utility within the Ethlas Metaverse.

To introduce an element of randomness into questing:

  1. Certain elements are able to obtain higher returns from the gems rewards curve. Because each Komo has dual elements, test your Komos with different quests and elements to find out which ones have better rewards!
  2. Higher tiers of rarity would be able to get rarer items and higher gem rewards.
  3. Each individual quest does not guarantee a positive return on gems, but over time the expected value of the quests is designed to be net gem accretive to each and every Komo holder


  • Can my Komo embark on multiple quests at the same time? No, Komos can only embark on one quest at a time. Once your Komos are on quests, they are not selectable on other quests.
  • How do I claim my Komo back from quests? Once your Komo has completed the quest, a red exclamation mark would appear above the NPC where you sent your Komo to. Claim your Komos back from the quest that you sent it on.
  • Are there any special items that drop exclusively via Komo Quests? Yes, there will be special items planned for exclusive drops via Komo Questing. These items are not planned to drop via Seed of Life because they will be useful for Komo holders in the future.

The Fifth Quest…

Watch this space to find out more.

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