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Ethlas is partnering with one of the best protocols out in the market right now — LayerZero Labs. In addition to Polygon, Ethlas is going to be available on Binance Smart Chain (BNB), Ethereum (ETH), and Avalanche (AVAX).

Access multichain at the Coin Master in the Treasury to swap, buy, and bridge XGEM and wXGEM.

Ethlas Treasury for all things Defi, XGEM, and GEM

What does this mean for Ethlas in the short term?

  1. Accessibility: New players gain accessibility to XGEMs across multiple chains
  2. Bridging: Using XGEM as a medium, Ethlas can perform bridge operations across multiple chains, allowing users to transfer money from one chain to another
  3. Wider outreach to NFT projects: With Ethlas positioning as a layer zero for GameFi projects to plug and play, we will be able to onboard a lot more projects into our community. Our community will get bigger and better!

What does this mean for Ethlas in the long term?

  1. Platform play: We are cementing our position as solid builders and the go-to platform for NFT projects that take time to develop their roadmaps
  2. Better price diversification: Pairing our tokens across multiple liquidity pairs will diversify the price risk of our tokens and lower chain-specific risks
  3. Onboarding the next billion users: Going multi-chain allows closer cooperation with larger exchanges which are the main entry point for new crypto users, allowing us to work towards our true north of onboarding the next billion crypto users

How to access multichain bridging in Ethlas?

  1. Login into Ethlas with a Metamask Wallet. Learn how to create a Metamask Wallet here.

2. Enter the Treasury in the World map for all things Defi, XGEM, and GEM.

Ethlas Treasury in Pixeland

3. Click on the Coin Master in the Treasury for swapping, buying, and bridging your tokens.

4. Select Token Bridge to bridge your tokens to the network of your choice. Ethlas in-game token XGEM is available on Polygon while wXGEM (Wrapped XGEM) is available on Binance Smart Chain (BNB), Ethereum (ETH), and Avalanche (AVAX).

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