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Ethlas is a Free to Play, Play to Earn Metaverse for anyone with a device connected to the Internet! Have fun playing familiar casual games while earning Crypto in your free time.

Your step-by-step guide to start playing and earning on Ethlas. All you need is a Metamask account (digital wallet)!

Metamask is a secured cryptocurrency wallet to interact with Ethereum. It is currently used by more than 10 million crypto users, and ranks as the top few digital wallets in the world. Just like a Paypal account, its your digital wallet for the blockchain metaverse.

Below are 2 methods for mobile and desktop users, we’d recommend using the mobile Metamask wallet so you can play and earn on the go 🙌

For mobile users — IOS/Android

Step A: Visit the Metamask Website to install the mobile app

Step B: Set up your wallet by creating a password

Step C: Write down your secret recovery phase. These 12 “seed words” serve as an additional layer of security, just like setting a secret question when creating your Gmail account (but more secured).

Step D: Use the browser in Metamask and enter

And you’re all set! Connect your wallet on Ethlas to start playing! Read our Ethlas Ecosystem breakdown to learn how it all works.

For desktop users— MetaMask Wallet Extension

Step A: Go to the Metamask Website and click “Install Metamask for Chrome”

Step B: Click “Add to Chrome” in the upper right, and “Add Extension” to complete the installation.

Click “Add to Chrome” to add the MetaMask Extension

You will know Metamask has been installed when you see the fox logo on the upper right-hand corner of your browser.

Step C: Click on the Metamask logo at the top right of your Chrome browser

Step D: Read and agree to the terms and conditions

Step E: Enter a password and click “Create” to create your wallet.

Step F: You will see a set of 12 “seed words” for your vault. Click “Save Seed Words as File” and copy the “MetaMask Seed Words” file that is downloaded to a safe place. You will need it to access your vault.

Step G: Click “I’ve Copied It Somewhere Safe” once your seed words file has been secured. You’ll be taken into your Metamask wallet!

Step H: Enter like any normal website, and authenticate using your Metamask extension.

Click the “PLAY NOW” Button to start
Connect to your MetaMask Wallet and approve the connection
Once your wallet is connected, complete the reCAPTCHA

And you’re all set! Go through the beginner’s guide to Ethlas and start playing Ethlas library of games.

Beginner introduction page
Start by playing Ethlas 101!

Ethlas has a library of games that you can play. Games range from quick and energetic (eg Neon Runner and Bounce2) to puzzle games that will tickle your brain (eg Cyberpunk 2048 and Pew3)! The games library rotates daily so to allow you to try out games that you never expected to play! Take your pick of your favourite game genre to start earning crypto.

Ethlas has a large range of casual games to try out!

Ethlas is a F2P/P2E GameFi Metaverse, the casual games aggregator platform for players to play games and earn crypto rewards. Voted “Best NFT/GameFi project in 2021” by Polygon Foundation, and ranked #1 blockchain casual game on We are the largest GameFi project headquartered in Singapore, with a stacked team of founders and backers.

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