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Ethlas is happy to announce that Eleos Labs, has integrated its FailSafe suite of anti-theft and fraud detection solutions into the Polygon ecosystem, in collaboration with GrabDefence.

This exciting partnership showcases our dedication to securing the onboarding of the next billion users, by providing top-of-the-line security solutions. Eleos Labs focuses on making everyone’s blockchain journeys safer and will continue to offer users the highest level of protection.

“The lack of practical and effective security solutions is one of the greatest obstacles to the mass adoption of Web3,” said Foo Wui Ngiap, Eleos Labs’ Group Advisor. “Just like how the Internet evolved into becoming a safer place over the last three decades, Web3 too has to go through that journey. We’re excited to be part of the pioneers that will accelerate that future.”

Stay updated on the latest developments from Eleos Labs, as we remain committed to driving innovation in Web3 security.

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