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Let us take a journey back in time to April 1st, 2022, when Ethlas, a blockchain gaming finance (game-fi) startup based in Singapore, made a significant announcement that would change the course of its leadership team. Ethlas proudly welcomed Wui Ngiap Foo, the former Head of Technology at Grab, as its new Chief Executive Officer.

Wui Ngiap Foo’s leadership and vast experience in technology, growth, and AI strategy had already been proven through his leadership role in Grab’s regional Mobility Super Tech Family. With his appointment, Wui joined three other co-founders, Elston Sam, Gennady ‘Ari’ Medvinsky, and Henry Foo, who had also worked at Grab. Together, they were poised to take Ethlas to new heights within the gaming industry.

Ethlas also announced the extended seed funding of US$6 million, increasing its war chest to almost US$10 million. This capital injection came after the initial seed funding of US$2.7 million, led by Sequoia Capital India and other major VCs. With the additional funds, Ethlas planned to recruit another 80 individuals to fill various roles to augment its existing team of 20 in Singapore, the Philippines, and the United States.

Ethlas had sold out all 8,337 units of its genesis “Komo” non-fungible token series on the mint day in mid-March, demonstrating that its vision of bringing the next billion users onto Web 3.0 through game-fi was gaining momentum.

With its focus on sustainable user growth and economics, Ethlas was collaborating with game studios to onboard more games and diversify beyond casual games into an open-world game platform. Its Metaverse was envisioned as a community where gamers could explore new worlds with their personalized avatars, have fun, and earn from gaming with their companion Komo NFT.

As of end-March 2022, Ethlas had over 310,000 crypto-wallet users globally and 6.2 million gameplays on its platform. With the support of major VCs in its seed funding rounds, the future looked bright for Ethlas and its team of tech leaders.

Ethlas’ vision for the future of gaming and the integration of blockchain technology was a forward-thinking approach that has gained significant traction in the gaming industry. With its experienced leadership team and substantial financial backing, Ethlas was and is still well-positioned to turn its vision into a reality and revolutionize the way gamers interact with game-fi platforms.


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