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By Wui, CEO of Ethlas

Chapter 1: For the Love of Games

Growing up during the dawn of mass internet adoption in the 90s, I witnessed an exhilarating time when the internet disrupted the world of gaming. It was a remarkable era of exploration and connection as the virtual realm expanded exponentially. From multiplayer experiences to vibrant online communities, the internet revolutionised gaming, captivating hearts and minds across the globe. Fast forward to the 2010s, where another trend to the world by storm: the rise of mobile gaming took centre stage, empowering gamers to carry their passion wherever they went. 

These 2 trends, the Internet and mobile gaming, stuck with me for years, and thus inspired by these transformative shifts, I founded Ethlas. With an unwavering belief in blockchain’s potential to do what the internet and mobile gaming did to the games industry, my co founders and I aimed to usher in the next wave of immersive gaming experiences, forging a path where nostalgia, innovation, and the power of decentralised technology converge. 

This conviction in disrupting the games industry, is what we built into Ethlas. 

Chapter 2: Let Builders Build

Our journey began 19 months ago, fueled by a passionate team committed to reshaping the gaming industry. We set out to create a gaming ecosystem that redefines the next generation of gamer experiences, comparable to the transformative impact the internet had on gaming 30 years ago. Our aspiration? To become the Epic Games or Valve of Web3, companies known for their lasting impact on both game titles and gaming infrastructure.

At Ethlas, we have been diligently building and developing gamified Web3 experiences that captivate and engage players. We take pride in the strong intellectual property (IP) we have generated along the way, reflecting our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in Web3 gaming. Our loyal following of 150k+ gamers stands as a testament to the demand for the experiences we’ve created.

Chapter 3: From Producing Games, to Building Roads

But our vision extends beyond individual games. Why? Because if you want to capture millions of gamers, developers first need infrastructure to build off. And so we have developed reusable components that serve as gaming tools and infrastructure, empowering other game studios in their pursuit of the Web3 future. Just like how Valve provided a distribution network with Steam, and Epic Games provided better developer experience with Unreal Engine, we aim to provide the Web3 gaming industry with the foundation it needs to thrive in the realm of Web3.

Imagine a gaming ecosystem where ownership of in-game assets is secure, where players can seamlessly trade and monetize their digital treasures. Assets they’ve spent hours grinding. 

Picture a future where decentralised finance unlocks new possibilities for game economies, giving players a stake in the success of the games they love.

Fantasise a world where your most beloved characters are interoperable between different virtual worlds. A Disney princess, battling alongside a Zergling and a Gundam. A world imagined all the way back in 2011 in the cult classic, Ready Player One. 

This is the world we are building at Ethlas.

In many ways, our journey parallels the disruptive forces that shaped the gaming industry decades ago. The internet opened up new horizons, connecting gamers globally and transforming the way we viewed multiplayer experiences. Mobile gaming brought games into the palms of our hands, revolutionising accessibility and player engagement. Now, Web3 is set to unleash a new era of gaming, and I am uncomfortably excited that Ethlas is at the forefront of this wave, paving the road for this exciting transformation. It is both scary, but incredibly exhilarating to be part of generational change. And I could not be prouder of the Ethlas team that’s building this future. And we want to share more about our infrastructure, codenamed Ethlas Web3 Services, in a future post. 

Chapter 4: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

As we embark on this EPIC journey (pun intended!), we are reminded of the pioneers who came before us. They dared to dream big and push the boundaries of what was possible. Now, it is our turn to carry the torch and redefine the gaming landscape once more.

The (next) future of gaming is upon us, and Ethlas is here to lead the way. Join us as we forge ahead, creating immersive and groundbreaking gaming experiences that will leave a lasting legacy in the Web3 era.

Together, let’s engineer the future of gaming. LFG! 


Chief Dreamer, Ethlas

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