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At Ethlas, we take pride in the remarkable success we’ve achieved in the gaming and web3 scene. Our journey has been fueled by the dedication, expertise, and sheer determination of our exceptional team of employees. Today, we want to share the captivating story of how we ideated, built, and launched our highly successful game, Komo Valley, in just a few months.

Seeds of Inspiration: World of Komos

The ‘mystery egg’ pop-up which was the inspiration for the game.

“We had lovable Komos and knew that we could build a world where people could interact and play with them. Both games were inspired by the simple simulation games that existed for the pleasure of collecting.”

Eeva Foo (Product Lead) on the idea behind Komo Valley

The journey began when we recognized the immense appeal of our lovable Komos. We envisioned a world where players could immerse themselves in the joy of interacting and playing with these charming characters. Inspired by the simplicity and delight of collection and simulation games, we saw an opportunity to bring this experience to our users. The introduction of a mysterious egg on our game portal further ignited our users’ excitement, encouraging us to turn our vision into a reality.

Embracing the Vision: Overcoming Doubts

Our team working on and testing the game in its early stages.

Initially, doubts lingered within our team. We questioned whether a seemingly simple game could compete with the polished and complex offerings already saturating the market. However, those doubts quickly dissipated as we experienced the game firsthand. Witnessing the power of shipping a tangible product, we wholeheartedly embraced the vision and poured our energy into making it a reality.

Building the Foundation: From MVP to Captivating Gameplay

The initial gameplay of the beta versions of the game.

The journey of building Komo Valley began with the creation of a minimum viable product (MVP). We started with a simple egg on the Ethlas metaverse website where players could feed the egg to level it up. However, as months passed, the game evolved into its current form—an enchanting flow of feeding, traveling, waiting, and hatching new eggs. We remained true to the core loop while enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

Acquiring Users: Navigating Challenges Creatively

User acquisition proved to be a significant challenge, with privacy regulations impacting major ad platforms. However, our team’s resilience and innovative thinking led us to devise creative strategies, including a cross-app incentive program. To incentivize users, we embraced Web3 principles, offering exclusive characters in each game if they downloaded and engaged with our other titles. This approach not only attracted users but also fostered engagement and synergy between the two games.

  • Cross-app incentive program rewarding users for trying out each game
  • Interoperability approach by offering exclusive characters as rewards
  • Fostering engagement and synergy between the games

Overcoming Technical Hurdles: Navigating React Native

Building a game on React Native, a framework not specifically designed for game development, presented its own set of challenges. However, our team’s expertise and determination allowed us to navigate these obstacles successfully, bringing Komo Valley to life.

Rapid Testing for Continuous Improvement

“Quick tests.. we tried something new every week! If it worked we kept it, else it was taken out”

Nick De Raj (Game Development Lead) on how the team overcame obstacles.

A key factor in our success was our rapid testing approach. Every week, we ran 3-4 experiments and rigorously evaluated their effectiveness. Successful elements were retained, while less impactful ones were killed quickly. We found that shipping was the best way we could validate our hypotheses. This iterative process enabled us to fine-tune the game and continuously enhance the player experience.

Measuring Success: Focus on Retention and Player Engagement

We focused on key metrics such as retention to gauge player engagement and the overall stickiness of the game throughout. Analyzing this data provided us with valuable insights into player preferences and identified areas for further improvement. In 3 months, we acquired 100k+ users across our games and monetised successfully within less than a month.

A Testament to Passion, Innovation, and Perseverance

The journey of Ethlas and our dedicated team of employees serves as a testament to the power of passion, innovation, and perseverance. Our unwavering determination and ability to overcome challenges have paved the way for our rapid success in the gaming industry. As we celebrate the achievements of the team behind Komo Valley, we are reminded that greatness can be achieved when talented individuals come together, fueled by a shared vision and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

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