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Live Trading






Our $ELS token launch has officially commenced on and MEXC since June 28.

Our pre-launch sale has been 100% sold out through participating launchpads at, Spores Network & Finblox.


🚀 Public Sale – Live

Option 1️⃣ (Read Purchase Guide)

Option 2️⃣ MEXC (Read Purchase Guide)

Option 3️⃣ Finblox (Read Purchase Guide)


$ELS Powers the Future of Gaming


$ELS is at Epicentre of the Ethlas Ecosystem

Owners of $ELS are granted immediate access to the Ethlas Portal, where exclusive games, utility, and in-game perks are offered. Apart from being able to stake the token to attain membership levels for perks, members can experience our beta version of ReadyNFT, converting any NFTs into a playable avatar in Battle Showdown.


    • 🪞 Staking to unlock different memberships tiers


    • 🤺 Unlock in-game features


    • 🧧 Heavily discounted in-game purchases


    • 🎫 Early access to new gaming titles


    • ☁️ Subscriptions to Ethlas Web3 infrastructure (EWS)


    • 🪙 $ELS as EWS payment currency


    • 👨‍⚖️ Participate in decentralized voting systems





With the launch of our services on Ethlas Portal, the flywheel for long term utility of $ELS will be baked in through utilisation of the EWS tools from companies, mid-sized projects, and retail users.


Utility – Phased launch

Governance & Voting: Holders of $ELS can expect to start creating and voting on proposals for the development of Ethlas.

EWS Development Roadmap: Tools like SeeTrue and EthlasSecurity are already in the development pipeline and will be available Q4 2023.


Only Use Ethlas’ Official Links

Please be wary of any suspicious-looking emails and links, and be advised that we will only communicate to you directly from the following channels.