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Event Duration: August 14, 12:00 AM UTC – August 21, 11:59PM UTC

Battle Showdown: Where Worlds Collide is the ultimate test of your Battle Showdown skills! Climb the leaderboards by putting everyone else into the ground with hero kills.


All modes except custom game

How do I participate?

Simply download, login and play within the tournament duration.

The game will track your kills and wins on the leaderboard. Players with the most kills will stand to win attractive prizes. In the event of a tie in kill counts, the player with more win counts will be ranked higher.

At the end of the tournament duration, we’ll take a snapshot to determine who the winners are.

Prize Pool

Position USD Monetary Prize In-game gold
In-game cosmetic
1 $600
Unique cosmetic
2 $400
Unique cosmetic
3 $250
Unique Cosmetic
4 $150
Unique Cosmetic
5 $100
Unique Cosmetic
6 2000 gold
Regular Cosmetic
7 1900 gold
Regular Cosmetic
8 1800 gold
Regular Cosmetic
9 1700 gold
Regular Cosmetic
10 1600 gold
Regular Cosmetic
11-20 1500 gold
Regular Cosmetic
21-30 1400 gold
Regular Cosmetic
31-50 1300 gold
Regular Cosmetic
Regular Cosmetic


In-game Gold

These are gold that you can spend in the shop on in-game cosmetics and characters.

In-game cosmetic

By participating in the tournament, you will receive an exclusive cosmetic item that will no longer be available once the tournament ends.

How do I qualify for prizes?

  • We’re tracking your total kills while playing matches. The more kills you rack up during the event, the higher you’ll rank on the leaderboards.
  • During the event, you will be able to view your progress on the Event Leaderboard. This leaderboard is active for the duration of the entire event and shows the cumulative leaders for the entire event.
  • In the event of a tie, we’ll use the total number of wins to break the tie.
  • At the end of the tournament, we will post the final snapshot of the leaderboard on our website.

Disqualification Criteria

We take all allegations of cheating seriously and will disqualify anyone found to be flouting the rules. Here’s what we define as cheating within the bounds of this tournament:

  • Any account found to have participated in multiple matches simultaneously or used to access the same match in multiple instances.
  • Any account found to have had playtime or achievements exceeding what is mathematically possible with a single human player.
  • Any account found to have had engagement with a bot or automated script to play the game with an advantage.

How would I know if I won?

A snapshot will be taken at the end of the event to determine the winners.


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