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Ethlas Security

Security layers and monitoring system to detect and prevent fraudulent activities, including wallet security scoring and anomaly detection.

Multi-Layered Protection

Ethlas Security offers a robust security infrastructure with multiple layers of defense. Our system includes advanced monitoring and detection mechanisms to identify and block bots and fraudulent users, safeguarding liquidity pools and ensuring a secure environment for transactions.

Proactive Fraud Prevention

With a two-review layer system, we can proactively identify and block cashouts from fraudulent users before they can execute any fraudulent transactions. This helps minimize financial losses and protects businesses and users from potential scams or unauthorized activities.

Anomaly Detection and Wallet Security Scoring

Ethlas Security employs sophisticated algorithms to analyze user behavior and assign security scores to wallets. By flagging wallets with anomalous activities, we enable businesses to take preventive measures, mitigating risks and maintaining the integrity of their platforms.

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