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Hybrid cloud-blockchain solution for fast and cost-effective payments, leveraging cloud-based transaction aggregation and reconciliation.

Fast and Cost-Effective Payments

EthlasPay revolutionizes payment processes by utilizing a hybrid cloud-blockchain solution. By aggregating and consolidating transactions on the cloud before reconciling them on the blockchain, we significantly reduce gas fees and processing times. Businesses and users can enjoy fast and cost-effective transactions, making payments more efficient and seamless.

Collaborative Fraud Prevention

We work closely with GrabDefence to implement web fingerprinting and detect fraudulent transactions. By identifying duplicate wallet addresses and employing advanced security measures, we enhance the safety of transactions, protecting businesses and users from potential scams and fraud.

Enhanced Liquidity and Efficiency

EthlasPay's hybrid approach optimizes liquidity and efficiency. By leveraging cloud-based processing, we streamline transactions and minimize blockchain congestion, ensuring smoother payment flows. This benefits businesses by reducing transaction costs and providing a better user experience, leading to increased customer loyalty and retention.