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Web2 Revenue LP Pools

Enabling Web3 games to monetise using Web2 strategies (IAP/Ads) by facilitating liquidity swaps between fiat transactions and Web3 assets.

Hybrid Monetization Strategy

Web2 Revenue LP Pools bridge the gap between web2 and web3 monetization strategies. By facilitating liquidity swaps between fiat transactions and web3 assets, we enable web3 games to tap into traditional web2 revenue streams, such as in-app purchases (IAP) and advertisements. This allows developers to capitalize on existing monetization models while leveraging the benefits of web3 assets.

Increased Revenue Traction

Our solution empowers web3 games to enhance their revenue traction by providing users with the option to purchase in-game assets or currencies using web3 tokens. This expands the market for game developers, attracts crypto enthusiasts, and increases the overall profitability of web3 games.

Seamless Backend Integration

Web2 Revenue LP Pools offer a seamless backend integration process, ensuring a smooth transition from web2 monetization strategies to web3 revenue streams.