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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Go to and click 'Play Now'
2. You need a metamask wallet. If you don't have one, download the MetaMask app if you're on mobile, or visit
3. Click 'Connect Your Wallet'
4. Start playing! Each day, every user is given 10 Energy, and you can play any game you want. Earn Gems for your effort!
5. Gems can be used in multiple ways: offer gems to the magical fountain, swap gems for XGEMs to cash out or stake in the liquidity pool, or even to purchase amazing in-game items like ores or Ancient Treasures.
6. Pro tip: Join our Komunity on Discord or other socials to keep up with all the exciting developments in the Ethlas Metaverse.
7. If you have any questions or feedback, please email it to [email protected]
Create a metamask account, connect with and start playing! Showcase your skillzors and compete to be the best!
Only Metamask is compatible in the current version. You can either download the Metamask chrome extension, or download the mobile app.
Play games and earn as many gems as you can! Each user’s energy is replenished every day, which enables you to play any of the available games. Ranking on the leaderboard earned you more gems!
Energy: You need energy to play any game. Every day, each user gets their 10 energy replenished.

Gems: The main currency of Ethlas. Win as many gems as you can and purchase items from the marketplace, or offer them at the fountains for a chance at winning outsized rare item rewards!

XGEMs: Gems and XGEMs can always be swapped at a 1:1 ratio. Swap your gems to XGEMs enables you to cash out on the QuickSwap liquidity pool, true to the spirit of play-to-earn!
Based on the total gems offered by all players weekly, they join either the magical fountain (20-999 gems) or legendary fountain (>=1000 gems). Each week, winners are drawn probabilistically to win attractive prizes! The more gems you offer a fountain, the higher your chance of winning! The weekly draw happens on Sunday midnight (GMT +8), and each player can only win 1 prize per week, regardless of the number of gems offered.
Unfortunately not. Your game will only be recorded as long as you maintain an active session. If the game crashes or you exit the browser halfway without ending the game, your energy will be consumed, but the score will NOT be recorded.
If you choose to redeem MATIC vouchers, or were lucky in our weekly magical gem fountain prize draw, your winnings will be directly sent to your metamask wallet. Please allow a few days for the Ethlas admin to process and validate all transactions. If you still have not received your prizes after that, please contact [email protected]