Battle Showdown is a web 3 game like Smash Bros. where players authenticate their wallets to import NFTs as characters, with 30+ project integrations. Innovative story mode and competitive multiplayer gameplay for NFT collectors and Smash fans.
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Battle Showdown

Battle Showdown is a browser-based, web 3 version of Smash Bros. where players import their favorite NFTs as characters. Featuring 30+ project integrations, innovative story mode gameplay, and making waves in esports and major media outlets like Yahoo Finance and Benzinga.

Battle Showdown

Use your favorite NFT characters to compete in thrilling battles and tournaments, climb the ranks with strategy and skill in online multiplayer. Also features an immersive single-player story mode to unlock new characters, upgrades, and rewards.
A perfect game for fans of the Smash Brothers series and NFT collectors. With stunning graphics, a fun and engaging gameplay, and a wide variety of characters to play, this game will keep you entertained for hours. Download Battle Showdown today and join the fun!

Battle Showdown

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