The Ethlas ecosystem leverages Web3 tech, with utility & governance tokens, and Komo NFTs. These offer benefits to both gamers and developers, with real value and in-game rewards. Discover how to get and use these assets to unlock Ethlas Metaverse's full potential.


Komo NFTs unlock Ethlas Metaverse's full potential, with casual games and crypto rewards. These digital collectibles give in-game access, accrue value, and grant holders special privileges. Start collecting Komo NFTs now to join the fun!


XGEM is Ethlas Metaverse's utility token for in-game purchases and upgrades. Holders can fully participate in the in-game economy, making it an integral part of the Ethlas ecosystem.
ELS is Ethlas Metaverse's governance token, providing holders with a voice in the platform's direction and development. Holders can vote on proposals and shape the future of the ecosystem, giving the community a say in the platform's development.